“Love Always wins in the End”

We can’t do anything about our past choices other than remember what life has taught us, but also be aware that the old passes away and new has and continues to come.

The mercies of God are new every morning. So allow yourself to receive that mercy anew every moment and always choose love. In such you can never go wrong there.

Things may not go as well as expected or anticipated. Only God knows what is best for us “especially when we may think we know better”.

He wrote our story. We may not understand it yet but trust Him and walk in the measure of faith he has apportioned to you. It takes time, which may seem so very long, however blessed are they who will wait for His timing. It is more than about your life time. We are to invest in those who would follow after the example and testimony we leave.

It is seed planted, watered, and cultivated over time. Always choose love. Bless, encourage and uplift those who God brings into your life. They are part of your story; more than you may know.

Live on purpose; you have one of those whether you realize it or not. You are destined for something that is extraordinary, exemplary, and extravagant, and uniquely radical in loving naturally in the image in whom you are created.

So your life is to bring extravagant results. Please don’t try to lean on your own understanding in order to try to define what that looks like. Believe in the goodness of God that is longing to flow out through you. Believe that you “can” walk out what God has promised and spoken over you through His Word.

You are better than your own concept of who you think that you are. You are better than that because of whose image you are created in.

Do you know how I know that and how you can know it also?

I am crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who lives but it is the One who lives through me now. I now live my life in in the faith in the Son of God, who loves me and gave His life for me so that I can truly live through who He is. (Galatians 2:20)

It is about Jesus and only Him. “Through and for Him” are and do all things get created and do exist. To fully access and possess this “is” everything and to be fully consumed in this truth is to gain all things eternally which is to live most fully. We never can fully arrive at this in this life, however we can seek to attain until He returns again.

So live for love and live for extraordinary results. Live for that which is eternal and that will impact generations that follow you.

Believe that love will always win in the end. Today is a new day. Choose well and may you finish well, my friend. Be in love always.