From “the Father to the fatherless”, I propose a hope and a future.

For those of you who read and follow this blog; this is not a teaching or sharing. It is a heartfelt request that I am making to each of you. Please read through to the end. It is as short and as to the point as I can make it.

It comes now to a time and place where I find myself at a crossroads as it were to address how I move forward with my life as God has called me to. For those of you who regularily read and follow this blog, you are aware of some the challenges that confront me in my life as I deal with an illness that the medical industry does not know how to diagnose let alone offer any answers as to how I can treat. I must develop a means to maintain my functionality in life. My spinal column is rapidly losing it’s mobility and flexibility. The core frame of the support structure in the body is slowly taking on the same deteriorating effects as the spine. My ability to walk in distance and time span continues to grow shorter. To lose this much active capacity in my life in such a short time has been beyond challenging. There are others much worse off than I, so I still count my blessings in what I have left to work with. Nevertheless I remain a medical mystery to the doctors that I have sought help from. They now suggest I go to a research facility such as the University of Washington. This is not accessible to me right now. I was placed on retirement Social Security which is limited since I am only 63, after being on disability for several years. This illness has taken it’s toll. My medical coverage is medicaid so I have not the means to seek the services of U.W. now and so my answers would have to “come out of pocket”.

I have in this interim found a couple of products that I can take in tandem into my body that restores in part some of my functionality and it relieves some of the excruciating pain I have to encounter which is similar to an advanced case of fibromyalgia which impacts my hips, neck, arms and legs. It has been a miracle through these products for me to able to retain a measure of functionality so I can continue my work in life which is right now pouring into the lives of others. I am so passionate when it it comes to helping others improve their quality of life. I have a huge heart for those who have been cast aside in life amidst societies woes. Yes, I long to be a repairer of the breech that helps bring back the underdogs in life and give them a new starting chance where traditional society offers little to none. I am starting a foundation to hopefully make a dent of impact in the lives of some of these. I am starting from a financial space from which I can hardly live on. Yet, I believe God to bring the people and resources so that I can multiply a gift within me that enables me to pour and invest into the lives of others in a unique way. This unexplained illness has opened to me experiences that have transformed my life deep within my heart.

The products I mention are not “cure-alls”. I make no medical claims. I only share my story and that of some others who are helped in similar ways. I use D.O.S.E.; a combination of a pill and a beverage. They work differently in each person. What I am asking you to consider doing is if this blog is a blessing, encouragement and inspiration to you in life then would consider helping to support the furthering of this ministry by purchasing some of the product? The cost is quite minimal actually. If you would please, take a look at the products I use and see if they might truly benefit you or someone in your life, it would help me to reach out and touch the lives of countless others to a greater measure. If so I have included the link below in addition to my email if you would connect with me for more information on this product or ministry which is in creating stage with the premise of “build it and they will come”. This will require partnership of others like yourselves who have a vision and a heart to invest even just a little. Here a little and there a little; I believe God will touch hearts and you will be blessed. If you happen to be in the same local proximity as I then I definitely welcome some interactive support as well. Simply contact me if so.

Now I desire to keep these posts as short as possible so may I quickly encapsulate one aspect of this ministry which is now a primary focus of this foundation. This is to train, equip and raise up a support base for fatherless children that are left in the wake of broken homes through divorce and premature widowhood. It is my premise that no woman be left to strive trying to carry the weight of being both mother and father. God never designed the woman to bear such. The child in such often begins to feel that they are isolated and unsupported and then they place an imposition upon their mom in which she in many cases is unable to meet. I’ve met too many who are in utter brokenness and despair. There are men who can help bridge that empty and unmet chasm. Men who can be repairers of the breech. The problem being many do not know how or where to start. That is where the ministry that I have engaged in comes in. I received the call to invest my life in this as a result of being part of a Divorce Care group to heal the remaining aftermath of divorce in my life from 14 years ago. This is such an unhealed wound in the heart of humanity. Now it seems I come across women continually who feel trapped and unable to be restored to love and be loved fully once again. When they heal they become some of the greatest testaments you will ever meet. So often where the small and seemingly insignificant which can be offered is declined in being acted upon because one person thinks “what could I possibly do make a difference”?. Therefore indifference can prevail like a cancer because we forget the power in a small choice and yes that choice may be a bit beyond the comfort zone. Until you and I and others like us take action it will likely be just more of the same.

God is a “Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in his holy habitation.” (Psalm 68:5)
Religion that is pure and undefiled before God the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.
(James 1:27)

So if this blog touches your life will consider in addition to reading and following; partnering with me? The proceeds from the products help keep me moving forward in this ministry. I thank all of you who have continued on this adventure with me. Are there any questions you may have or input to offer? Then please feel free to connect via the email below. I will be happy to connect and provide additional information.

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I’m undone; “A letter from The Secret Place”

I’ve sat and pondered half the day, not knowing what to say. What to write? So much expression held within. Pacing the room, around and around, I come to only one conclusion fellow readers and that is to invite you into the throne room that has become my abode it seems. So much has been poured into me. I seek empty vessels to pour out into. This is Jesus’ heart. It is not to be contained, but shed abroad.

Are any of you out there “so hungry for the Presence of God” that you are beside yourselves? If so step in. I did not ascend the mountain in vain. I feel your hearts. I hope you will not just remain where you are but that you will choose to enter in. I came to share perhaps the greatest story ever told; for those to who choose it’s fullness to behold.

Jesus, I seem to be losing myself in You.

Beautiful beyond description and too marvelous for words, you are.

Beyond the grasp of my comprehension there is nothing I have seen or heard that can begin to compare to what unfolds and is eclipsed within the moments I spend with You.

Time passes while all around me in fleeting moments activities and conversations unfold that do not encompass who You are. How can men and women make light of One such as You, because the things they value seem more important to do?

Who can grasp your infinite wisdom that so far reaches beyond my wildest dreams and imagination?

Who can fathom the depth of your love which has no bounds in which it’s habitation cannot touch.

You are beautiful beyond description and in awe; what can I say, what can I do?

Majestically enthroned above and beyond every description of conceived conception; I lose sight of who I thought that I was. Only Your every Word that You have spoken to and over me, I hinge upon.

Behold as I stand, in awe of you, having no words; only a heart that is gaining a knowing of being truly and genuinely loved for the first time and perhaps yearns to love with the same intensity.

Yet who can receive such a measure of love unless they can lose themselves in You such as I have managed to. All I did was let go of life as I conceived it to be. Then it was only You and me Jesus. And now how do I share this; what You and I have? I feel invisible to their eyes. Can they hear Your Words through me? Only You truly know the answer. Tis’ not my business to know. I must simply go and be as transformed from this Holy place. I just don’t how this is to be. I am totally free, sent in Your likeness now to be.

As the wind blows and lists about, who can conceive it’s source?

People don’t seem to understand me, unless they can see you. I write of you but who among mortal man can truly hear or read the heart that beats behind the words I type or pen?

I live for You. I left my heart on Your altar as a living sacrifice to be consumed in Your presence, for I am not my own. You seek a resting place. I open to You; what more is there?

You bought me with the greatest and ultimate of price. For that; You suffered beyond what any one here on this earth could even begin to comprehend.

I am undone. Where the mind ends, and life truly is begun. I’ve lost my mind it seems. So that Your’s may rule and reign in this temple; what does this mean?

I am Yours now and I know not what follows or what remains.

A Moment in the Father’s Heart

Behold what manner of love the Father’s heart holds for you and I in every moment. His mercies, grace and loving compassion fail not and are new in every morning! How great is His faithfulness! I take a pause this morning from the topic I began yesterday “just because” I feel so very drawn to do so as I sit this morning in my heavenly Father’s presence.

For some of us, we did not have that expression of a loving father in our upbringing as a child. This I have witnessed throughout my life. I “did” however have a very blessed experience of having a loving supportive father.

He was a very quiet person not always having the words or the means of “doing the expected things” necessarily a lot that could express the measure of love that he carried in his heart for me.

He did however set aside quality time with me like in taking me fishing with him on some Saturdays, in which there in the beauty and quiet of the natural outdoors, in rain and shine we enjoyed the best of times. It was then that he would share in the best. Also it was in trips to the dump, working in the garden and yard, mending fences in the cow pasture, feeding and watering the chickens and cleaning the chicken house, shoveling out the cattle stall and putting hay in the manger, and harvesting and putting up hay in the summer. I grew up on a small suburban farm as you can probably tell.

It was while being engaged in the daily chores of keeping life moving and flowing for our family that I experienced some of the best of the father’s heart in my dad. In the midst of the simple and basic things of everyday life, he helped to instill in me what it is for a man to cherish, honor and respectfully love his wife and for me to respect and honor my mother. I had a lot of quality time with her as a result when He was away at work during the day. Unfortunately her life span was shortened considerably when she passed away from cancer at the age of 61. It was then in life as a young man in my late 20’s that I retreated within myself and began to live a rather introverted life. All the years in life while growing up I tended to keep to myself a lot. Both my dad and I were so quiet in nature and tended to retreat within a loneliness that we had a way of setting an environment up for self-imposed isolation. We still had those talks like we used to though however they were more superficial. We had challenges saying what we really felt deep down inside.

Through the years of my childhood, my dad often spoke of the love that he held for my mother even though they would have their share of “heated discussions”. This due to the fact that she was very outward in expression and most of time made sure she “had her say”. She was very outspoken most of time. For example if anyone offended her in verbal attacks against our family, especially pertaining to myself or my sister, she may never speak to them again if that person did not apologize and make it right. She even severed a longtime friendship with a best friend in life over such.

My dad did not always know how to respond to my mother but he listened until it became overbearing for him in not knowing how to respond, then he would retreat to his tv/radio repair shop out in the garage where he had a part time business. Then later they would find a way of settling their differences in love. He taught me that you never, ever lay a hand on a woman. You allow her speak and you listen. Then if you don’t know what to do, then you retreat rather than keep fighting with words.
He did the best he knew how to do. Unfortunately he buried and “stuffed” a lot of unresolved emotions and just carried them. I took after him in that respect. My marriage later after 19 years ended in divorce. Here 14 years later I am in a divorce care group healing my unresolved buried emotions and hurt. I am healing wonderfully, as God’s grace is so amazing.

Getting back to the story, I would often go out there in the shop with him to just be with him and watch. He did not always say much however in those times but when he did find ways to “show me” love, no matter what, I saw my real dad. I always saw his heart coming through even though he did not always know how to say it in words. That is my story of illustration today of “Father’s heart” from a part of my “real life”.

So know in this moment I contemplate in “the Father’s heart while all the inadequacies that surface in my own bring me through a long overdue season of resolution and transformation.

Beautiful Lord, wonderful Saviour; I know for sure that all of my days are held in Your hands, to be crafted into your perfect plan. So in Christ Jesus I place my hands upon the Potter’s wheel and He reshapes from my broken and shattered dreams and vision, a new handiwork that is being fashioned into something beautiful and unique to my expression.

All of my days are held in Your hands, O God and are crafted into Your perfect plan. You gently call me into Your Presence, guiding me by Your Holy Spirit, teaching me to live all of my life through Your eyes.

I’m caught up and fully enveloped in Your Holy calling, setting me apart for a unique expression of the love and character of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus.

I know you’re drawing me to Yourself and I’m fully trusting You to lead me in every minute detail in which Your Holy Spirit does have full sway and Your every word does also and becomes my say and mainstay. I shall not be moved nor swayed from Your very Presence.

This is my story and forms my song in which I so choose to walk in all the day long. I stand in such blessed assurance and am praising my Saviour through it all.

The Secret Place of Consecration

Not all are destined of God to be in the the spotlight of life. Some are left finding themselves most of the time in places of silence and solitude; where others don’t seem to have a way of coming around or calling. I believe some are designed to be set apart uniquely where they are hardly recognized or seen of others. Some love to be left alone there while others may resent finding themselves so frequently “somehow shielded from being seen or recognized by others”.

So am I addressing someone here today in particular? So do one of these two expressions fit you? Do you find yourself in one of these two places; either loving and cherishing “the alone feeling” or are you fighting it, seemingly tooth and nail asking God “why me”? Why do others seem to forget about me all the time” and are out enjoying social interaction while I “miss out” on on what they get to enjoy and I do not? Why do I always find myself seemingly alone? Do you find yourself in there or somewhere in between? Perhaps God desires to prepare you so you may fully be able to walk out His story for your life and is simply trying to lovingly get your attention, ear, focus and heart?

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” (Psalm 91:1)

“He who dwells’ can be stated as one who securely makes his mainstay and space of living. He shall lodge quietly and securely. “Will abide” means to live and flourish in a sense of completeness and wholeness. Discovering a cool and resting place under the covering of shade from the heat of the day. Here I also “pass the night”. I find myself “shut in” with God in a secret or “unknown to most others place”, where the activity of the regular and normal world is “shut out” a bulk of the time. There I in the Spirit beholding the face of the Father. Here I gain an empowerment known by perhaps few in this world. Here I discover the fuel, incentive and driving passion to run in a race where seemingly few are willing to follow. Am I perhaps in preparation for something phenomenal? Am I being called to “make the cut” or “sacrifice’ to be called aside for an area of service that perhaps only God knows of and has He has drawn me aside to prepare and be equipped for such? I may find that I am one who may not be known and recognized among most people. I love to be “shut in” with God. One who is in intimate, personal, secret, in abiding communion with God, dwelling near the mercy seat, within the veil.

A most blessed privilege for one to experience indeed. Invited of God, who draws me into the Shekinah of His Presence, protected, refreshed, and comforted by him, and that carries into all of eternity.
While kneeling or laying before Him in prayer, I discover His Beauty and Goodness (Glory) there, bowing in wonder at His matchless and overwhelming grace. I wish I could share this secret with every person I come into relationship with in life. My strength is renewed and I can mount up and soar as with the graceful ascent of an eagle up into the updraft of an endless supply of current in support that would seem to enable me to soar the heavens for an eternity.

“You O Lord are my hiding place, always filling my heart with songs of deliverance
whenever I am afraid. Whenever the enemy of my soul would lash out at me in fear over the measure of provision in which I receive from being met with You in such a way. I fall into and rest into Your loving arms of everlasting support. Here though my body falters, Yet I am kept.
I will trust in You, in knowing as I am weakened and brought to a frailty in frame from the affliction within the fray, I will trust in You and declare my weakness as turned into Your strength.

My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. (Psalm 139:15)
Here it speaks of the hidden world of a mother’s womb as a child develops. But this word is also used in Psalm 32:7: “You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.”

In Psalm 27:5 we find, “For in the day of trouble He will conceal me in His tabernacle (Presence); In the secret place of His tent He will hide me; “He will lift me up on a rock”, speaking of the state of peace God gives in the midst of trials and attacks. A “lasting” peace that passes all of our understanding is found here.

Here God gives us a glimpse into what He asks of us to do in order to experience a fuller manifest Presence of God. It costs much in the light of how most choose to live out their “Normal lives”. Most of us have very little insight into what true sacrifice in this sense calls us to. Allow me to illustrate and perhaps shed some light further on this in the way of perception.

This is a picture the psalmist is painting in Psalm 91. God has a secret hiding place, and He invites each of us to join Him there. Notice that He does not invite us to “visit”. The promise is to those who “dwell” there. To “dwell” means we live there. It becomes our address. God invites us to pack up and move to His secret place. To do so we must walk away from the clamor and enticements of the world. We must be willing to quiet our hearts before Him and allow Him to investigate those inner recesses we reveal to no one else. Secret places imply honesty and trust and absolute transparency. We cannot join God in His secret place unless we are willing to be transparent and honest with Him.

So do have a tendency to hold to a reluctance of letting go of “being vulnerable”?Can you become subjective to something beyond and greater than the mental framework of what you think and know? Do you insist on having sole “control” in the decision making process in the direction your steps in life take and how you are to navigate them? Can you completely take your hands off the controls and take the co-pilot position and submit in total absolute surrender to the “Captain”? Do you fully trust in the overall knowing and oversight of the Captain of your soul; Jesus?

Imagine being ten years old and finding a secret hiding place under the stairs or in the bushes. You slipped inside there, and it felt magical! You felt safe and protected from the world. You imagined that you could live there all the time and no one could find you. Often, you invited your best friend to share it with you, because secret hiding places are better shared with someone you love and trust.

I have endeavored to paint a “figurative picture” here today in hopes of taking you out of your normal realms of perception. This is an “illustration” to help get our perception off from ourselves and more onto the Master and from His Love may we esteem the “other people’s needs” in our lives “above” the “what I want” mentality’ that tends to come so natural to most of us most of the time.

We do not have to neglect our responsibilities or relationships to dwell in this secret place. The key to moving there is a total surrender to the Holy Spirit and the will of God for our lives. This decision dominates our actions and changes our outlook. As we obey, God meets us in His secret place (see John 14:21). He teaches us and encourages us to remain. Our continual choice to surrender fully to Him results in His continued strength to do so. If our lives are to bear lasting fruit, the power to bear that fruit comes from time spent with Him in the secret place (John 15:4–5; 1 Corinthians 3:14–15; Psalm 92:12–14).

So this amounts to a change in lifestyle that can call you and I to some radical choices. The question is are we willing to adhere to such choices no matter what, once we declare before the Lord that we will turn from having it our way to complete surrender to being constant in the mind of Christ? This is not keeping a tally of do’s and do not’s and mentally measuring up to obtain God’s favor. You already have all of His favor because Jesus secured that on His cross for all. This “is” to fully acknowledge and demonstrate through our daily walk that our bodies (and entire life expression) “are” to be a resting place for His glory (goodness) to be continually manifest.

Some simply choose be more radical in their approach to what it takes for them to be show up in “outstanding measures” that exemplify truly having their being in full expression of “dwelling” in the secret place of the Most High God.

So how much focus and investment of time and expense do we pour into trying to capture the continual affirmation, approval, and the recognition from others? Give that some consideration. Especially now that you are aware that all these be fulfilled and met “in the secret place”. Society has truly gone out of it’s way to keep this a secret and to keep us so very distracted in the business of life.

This is a time for an “unveiling” of this secret which is no secret at all wouldn’t you say? Where do you find yourself at this moment?

From the Self-Driven unto The Advantage

I continue the journey this morning on this page as I have been asked to write the entirety of the experience as much as I am able. So please keep the prayers coming as I requested the other day. The grip of this illness is remaining tenacious however God’s grace gives me intervals of a few short hours interspersed through the day so I am getting some relief. He has also provided me access to a product I have started using recently which releases 4 key elements in the brain which restore partially the capacity the brain functions that effect my cognitive and motor functions. This allows my body to function marginally at least part of the time. So this helps to sustain my ability to write and get some sleep through all of this. The pain levels are getting quite high so this product is quite a God send right now. So I doing the best I can with a situation where I remain a medical mystery. The doctors say I have such a conglomeration of mixed symptoms that put together do not fit their medical journals. That on top of my being solely on Medicaid, limits the possible of scans and imaging that have already been done in the last two years from being revisited. Since I have been in and out chronic illness for a number of years that came and went, and it was never anything close to this level of severity the doctors says pretty much that they are at a loss for answers so what do I expect them to do for me? So I am beyond medical doctors now it seems. I’ve gone to numerous specialists for “second opinions” and they all continue the same story; one with no answers.

It is now up to “The GREAT Physician, Jesus. So if you can stay with me as I continue to write, He has me recording what are becoming I guess chronicles of the story He wrote for me to walk out. One He intends to be kept before many witnesses to testify of the goodness and grace of God. I have no idea what He plans to do with all of this. I now move to onto a walker so I can move about without depleting my body entirely. Right now about all the “getting out of the house” I can handle is a trip to church on Sunday morning and a random appointment as it needs to happen. I have condensed most of my daily activities to keep my work moving forward to within my desk/creative work area in the center of my living space. So I must have my world “brought to me” now for the most part. One of the greatest challenges to my well being is that of ending up isolated. I was for the most part social and active until recently and some of the people in my life aren’t really certain as to what they can do or how to respond to my rather sudden downturn. I usually pursued the social action and now have to resort to attracting it to “come to me”. Now I can’t go after it except through my technology, and since I cannot be out without someone accompanying me without compromising my safety and well being, public transit is currently a huge challenge. Moving from being able to work within an “outside world” to a “home bound self-contained one” in handicapped status is met with a support system that pretty much is “hurry up and wait”, and the wheels of progress may grind slowly as I don’t seem to fit textbook categories. I’m feeling like a statistic sometimes. So I find myself in a transitional interim of adaptation resorting to a great deal of creative ingenuity, which I’ve had to do before in life.

So now here this morning I have encapsulated my situation into a condensed form synopsis so you have a picture of where I am writing and living from and perhaps you can be therefore open to what God does with this “storybook of one life” being drawn into the realm of His magnificent and matchless grace, where He plans for Heaven to touch Earth. This is I sense, a classroom wherein He is about to display something unprecedented. I invest a great deal of prayer time into this as my pace has been so considerably slowed. He has been pulling the curtain back to a certain degree and giving me previews of what He desires to see in His sons and daughters.

I shall trade these ashes for beauty most certainly. I was beginning to touch a number of lives when I was able to be out and about physically and now I seem to be touching even more solely from right here at this desk. I am finding others in far worst dire straights than mine beginning to reach out to me for prayer and support. Amazing as I have been feeling the overwhelm of where I find myself now and as I call for the receiving of prayer and support. I can see God doing something here supernatural that I could never have anticipated. The difference being though during that process, I am apparently having to adapt to that of going from a very diminished “face to face and person to person” interconnecting to one of mostly on-line and video. So that is one platform that I have under construction at this time. However it is just not quite the same. God turned me from an introvert to an extrovert over the past year and a half and now I crave the “touch and feel” of personal contact since it has become diminished. So why would God thrust me out into such social interaction only to allow it to collapse to bring me to feel starved and deprived of what my being so requires now at higher levels? So many people are so consumed by maintaining their own centrally focused world that they have so little to offer beyond the limitations of it’s borders? This calls for some serious consideration. We’ve lost something so very precious in our culture. God has a plan to turn that upside down. We have never seen the likes of what is beginning to be unleashed. I’m giving you a heads up perhaps?

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor.
He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” (Luke 4:18)

Now that I’ve brought you up to speed on where I’m coming from, I resume my joyful endeavor of bringing you an extraordinary gospel that this world has for the most part forgotten. To do so from where I find my self right now in life is my answer to the call of this gospel of Jesus Christ. Think it not strange when you find yourself in the midst of fiery trials. The fire of God is rising. The heat is being turned up to consume all within us that keeps the kingdom of God that is already within you and I, contained.

It is the time for each of us to be unleashed from the darkness that may be pervading within our lives and thrust into a move of the Spirit of God that “we are” as sons and daughters of the King. Yes “WE ARE” the move of God so don’t go looking for a move of God somewhere else; your “it” and I intend to keep saying this and keep the Word of God coming at you until I hear from God that we all have had the seed of His message planted in our hearts and really waking up to the light of marvelous Kingdom of God; until we have an awareness of a personal encounter with Jesus that awaits each and every one of. The seed will have been planted. What you do with it is your choice and yours alone to make. I just plant and water; it is God who brings the increase. So I hope you stay with me. The love of God is extraordinary in nature and now being poured out in unlimited measure. Get ready!

For freedom, Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit to the yoke of slavery. (Galatians 5:1)
Most of us want to control our own destiny. That is the driving core issue behind our lives getting into the turmoil that they do. In the process of trying to drive our own lives we become severed from Christ and fall from the grace God has extended to us to live and walk in. (Galatians 5:4)

May we eagerly hope for the hope of righteousness (5:6), for it is only by faith working through love can we be restored in and through the grace of God “and” with each other in Christ to be “that move of God that we are”.

May we resist the yoke of slavery that seeks to keep us restrained and in chains of bondage.

Any biblical, spiritual, or human strategy that gives you or I advantage over others or circumstances will only seek to divide, separate and isolate us from one another and the “opportunities” God holds in store for each of us.

May we be led solely by the Word, His Word; which would come to us in every moment if we are indeed in every moment receiving with humility, that engrafted word that is able to save our souls. (James 1:21) Then our life story and destiny can unfold “automatically” rather than you or I conjuring up every detail of how we create every step and walk it out only to through mess up what God already has laid out for you and I in His divine order and plan.

Now that is a radical word! Will you receive it? Jesus is our advantage!

“For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:38,39 ESV)

So if nothing whatsoever can separate us of the love of God, the why would we be taking steps to filter out, isolate or separate ourselves from from this love and thus from one another?

Ponder that if you will. We’ll break this down and look at it more closely and I believe this will shift our entire lives beyond anything we can ask, think or imagine. Exciting times ahead!

Cultivate A Radical Love

When Jesus said “And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself”, what is He thus declaring to us? He said this to show by what kind of death he was going to die, yes, however I sense it carries a deeper meaning within that context.

I sense that if today you and would come into intimate communion with Him in our relationship, allowing room in our heart for the Father’s love to fill and envelop the trappings and distractions of our lives, then the business that occupies a bulk of our time and energy may begin to take secondary status in the light of God’s goodness. It would reflect into all of our relationships in life. “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me” (Luke 9:23)

The cross is the demonstration of the fullness of His love for us.
The question I ask you is; will you love like the Father?
You may not like that question because it takes us off our agenda. It means we then care about others’ stories. I have to care about where others go. It means we care about what God is doing in others’ lives not necessarily confined to being within the church but in every moment outside of the walls thereof; where life meets us daily.

When loving like the Father is our agenda, it doesn’t matter what shows up in front of us because our agenda doesn’t change; it always stays the same.
Jesus encourages us to go beyond our natural instincts. If you learn to love like God loves you will become like your heavenly Father. It doesn’t matter how people or situations show up or appear or what they bring, or how their lifestyle has been; you will love them the same because the Father does. By nature we tend to discriminate rather than affiliate. Loving from the Father’s love changes that radically.

You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect. (Matthew 5:48)
Perfection is “not” loving from your actions. You may act loving but that’s not loving. You may say the right things, giving of yourself and even sacrifice of your life and it still may not be done in love. It may be done out of obligation because Jesus commands us to love.
May I encourage us to walk in is a love which flows from the Spirit of God
inside of us. You “will” love from a supernatural love whereas by leaning on “your ability” to love then you will likely fall short.

This is what it is truly to be a child of God. It has nothing to do with our worship, your gifting, abilities, healing, etc. A child of God loves like God. It’s not what you can do for Jesus, it’s how you can be as Jesus.

Only God’s love can transform your situation which may seem quite beyond can be hope of a ready resolution. Only God’s love will change this nation and this world we live in.

May you love from the Father’s heart. If you can’t seem to do that then sit in
front of your Father at the foot of the cross until you get His heart. This is the purpose of the cross. Take it up and follow after Jesus. Your burdens be heavy whereas His are light. He bears the yoke so you don’t have to. Co-operate with his Spirit and live in the joy thereof.

“The light is among you for a little while longer. Walk while you have the light, lest darkness overtake you. The one who walks in the darkness does not know where he is going. While you have the light, believe in the light, that you may become sons of light.” (John 12:32-36)

Walk in the light of the countenance of His Spirit. Walk in the light as He is the Light of the world and in Him so are you and I.

So may Jesus be thus lifted up in our lives and all people will be drawn to Him. All may not receive Him however they are drawn to the light. What they choose then charts their destination in life but they will have been offered the opportunity. God’s only agenda is to have His love shed abroad in every heart and then reflected unto those of yet others. Multiplication. The gospel of the kingdom is to be shared in every place, and even in every dark corner of this earth and then the end of this world as we know it in it’s present state shall come and Jesus physically returns all things are to be made new again in His Presence. As we further explore the end times that will be content for upcoming blogs. Just keep taking one more step beyond your comfort zone. Remember? Just keep moving. If you are standing still then you are going backwards. Okay, just a little refresher to cap this off today. God bless you in your new found endeavors.

So now it seems you have a better picture of what a child of God is in the eyes of the Father. It is simple; love as He loves.

Loving Free of Limitation

As I continue on in in sharing and expounding from what I sense to be a revelation from God that He has been giving me in addressing His end time church which I believe He is calling forth to step up and into the true identity that He has deposited within each and every one of us; I must pause and ponder what He is saying to me at this moment.

At this point, this morning I physically stand as it were on a precipice. My physical body continues to to grow weaker and decline with more compromised complications. I shall not reiterate the details thereof. Simply put, I remain a medical mystery quickly dismissed by the medical community and due to that some people in my life as well don’t take this and me serious because I apparently don’t fit within the frame of reference of my doctors or their opinions. I endeavor to not take this personally however I am human and thus have my shortcomings.

If you want to know of what I refer to, then it can be found within my previous blog posts; mainly my last few over recent days. At the moment I am for the most part confined to my work space here in my home which is my office from which I execute the assignment my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ has commissioned me to carry out. Namely that is to continue to journal and post the story I am walking out and to get my first book which lays out that story published and shared. My hope is to do so daily, however I don’t quite always meet that intention so I produce as I am able in the grace God gives me. I request and trust that those of you who can at least in part understand; please keep the prayers coming. I intend to finish my course and cross the finish line no matter how that ends up looking. I can only imagine that day when I fully enter into the joy of my Lord and Savior. I just want to assist as many of you as I can to do the same and that is to finish the race and to do so “well done” as a faithful servant of Jesus Christ.

I face and am learning to deal with some of the criticism that comes from a world that does not understand the kingdom of God and how the Father intends for that to come forth in a time such as this. There is a spirit of judgement and condemnation prevalent within the church generally across the board. I am here to help break that off and in order to do so requires steps to expose it for what is. I pray you will receive what I shall be bringing forth in love. I pray you will receive the words that are behind the words that I speak and write. Word from the heart of God that venture from the written form and expand into the “rhema” and “zoe” aspect of communicative revelation. I minister primarily from this realm and so trust that God, through His process unveils His intention and truth and these will be conveyed. So please bear with me and I hope you will patiently stay with me and continue on this journey.

For as I received from the Lord what I am delivering to you, that the Lord Jesus on the night when he was betrayed took bread, and when he had given thanks, he broke it, and said, “This is my body, which is for you. Do this in remembrance of me”.
He spoke from his physical body by way of example to reflect His body as a whole on the spiritual level, which is issued in the heavenly realm so that it may be given life to be expressed in the physical realm; here on earth as it is in heaven”. You and I are and therefore constitute “that body”. What I am endeavoring to to do is to illustrate “relationship” from God’s perspective in hopes that we may begin to see one another in this light.

What I want you to see is that Jesus’ body was broken or sacrificially rendered and given on the Cross so that our body first metaphorically then in pursuant response may be “broken” and in and thorough our relationship with Jesus to the extent that our “focus on self” is melted into His Presence and slowly dissolves. Then we are compelled by such an ineffable love that is beyond what our minds can conceive yet our heart can render, when consumed by “His love”, that we render our body, soul and spirit to be fully broken and rendered sacrificially in Jesus “and” consequently to one another. Is this hard medicine for you to receive? I sense some of you may get really messed up in your emotions before all is said and done. This is going to the core of my being as well. I will only write and speak what I am first willing to walk out myself. So I pray you don’t opt out. Please stay the course if you can. It is the hardest thing most of us will humanly face in this life my friends and is as real as it gets. We are in this together, like it or not not. This is what Jesus was illustrating in in His prayer for us in John 17. If you haven’t sat with that then please take time to do so. Take a moment now to breath; as it hurts my flesh to say what has to be said and I do so totally in love.

Right now I am literally experiencing a measure of this love beginning to open that is trying to break out of me as a river of living water. I am slowly endeavoring to unveil this in illustration to you. This is “the treasure” that is wrapped inside of some the pain, sickness, infirmity, and atrocities that perhaps has been or is erupting in your lives as well. As you harbor and shield hurt, shame and pain from other members of His body then you are actually containing those emotions in the gall of bitterness which will in time physically consumes your physical temple and results in the end of it’s physical expression. We all experience the physical death of our body eventually however we “can” have that be in a gentle completion winding down of closure that unfolds in the beauty and grace of a loving and peaceful full surrender. A song of love sung and offered unto the heart of one another.

So let me say this; you are doing yourself no service to keep the details of life that have hurt you and rendered you in expression of body and soul “broken”, sealed up in “self imposed privacy”. Please hear me out here. God may give you an avenue to release a burden a you cannot carry alone. You never meant to carry “anything” alone. You choose to isolate and keep it to yourself? It will consume you like a cancer. Trust me on that I know. What is going on in my body right know is perhaps being allowed through God’s design to unfold the way it is to be a living epistle to known and read of all men. Disease and the fallout thereof is perhaps the result of containment of unresolved issues delivered to you and I illustrate life. So life has brought you injustice? Indeed it may have, however may I now take you to a lesson Jesus gave us on this very elemental aspect of “life” and how and why it shows up the way it does.

“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy. ’But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven. For he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? And if you greet only your brothers, what more are you doing than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same? You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” (Matthew 5:43-38 ESV)

This lesson is not about your holiness or perfection of who you are. It “is” about encouraging the church to be “like their father”. The Father is a loving Father. He loves “everyone” equally. You are no different than any unbeliever you cross on the street. You are no different than anyone else that drives the same roads you do. God loves ALL exactly the same way. His attitude is the same toward His best friend as as toward His perceived enemy. You must allow yourself to be perfected as your Father is perfect. Will we love like him? God’s love pursues outside of “our friends”. We tend to “discriminate” rather than “affiliate”. God pours His love equally. Radical love that knows no end. Perfecting is loving from the heart “as God does”. There are to be no boundaries. So why do we impose such limitations on ourselves? We always have access to loving others, yet do we make excuses as to why we cannot? Every battle we face seeks to ensnare us in self focus. It is natural for us to “categorize” the people that cross our paths and enter our lives. Such as “believers, unbelievers, saved and unsaved, mature and immature. spiritual and not spiritual, theist or atheist, or by denominations or religious or non religious. There is no “us and them”. Do you see how many ways and means we naturally tend to seek to separate and isolate ourselves from one another when all God sees are His sons and daughters? Why do you and I tend to see differently? I have much more to expound on this and I shall with each blog post until God says I’m done.

I do attest to one thing which I will state right now. As I walk out what I am teaching and sharing here in application then I believe God has a healing in my body that shall unfold to the extent that I shall see at least some of the dreams he has given me to achieve in this life come fully to fruition. Much of what I sense by what is felt in my body and in imposition to be to a standstill leads me to sense that my body is dying. I believe it is. However turning in true repentance at God’s loving rebuke can transform my entire life. I sense the same will be true for some of you.

Some of you have shared your humanly impossible “situations” privately with me, seeking prayer for God’s resolution. I wonder how people who I hardly know and certainly have little knowledge of as to what they have gone are led to seek me out as someone who maybe can hear and help them get answers. As I take this before God, what I am sharing with you here this morning keeps staring me in the face. We are all in this together my friends. If we can love as God loves, then the the kingdom of God comes into manifestation and heaven touches earth. I have been blessed along the way in life in recent days with how examples of living under open heavens can be experienced. For such a time as this as I find myself in my physical state of being that waxes and wanes, I must multiply into the lives of others what God has poured into me. However that shows up, therein I am content and give thanks unto God as in Christ I have the victory. I am a child of God and so are you and perhaps together we discover more of what that truly means.

”In the same way also he took the cup, after supper, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood. Do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of me.” For as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes. (the above drawn from: 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 ESV)

The new covenant is in His blood. Jesus paid it all and fulfilled it all to free us from living under the law of sin and death. Are you and I willing to drink from His cup? Do it in remembrance of His sacrifice. To partake of his body is to discern that body which leaves no one out as we have begun to look at this morning. Consider Jesus and let us fully consider one another in the countenance of His love and may we discover what it is to live in that loving embrace; with him and with each other. It is all by his grace which is always sufficient to walk out what He gives and allows into our lives in order to bring us into the fullness of his love.