The Dimensions of the Cross

It was through the fires and then through the floods,

Bedrock of what had been my life, before I knew, all soil that held it together had washed away.

You searched the pouring relentless rains that comprised my days.

I was one missing; that had bolted and run, only then to be swept away.

The waters then dried up and the expanse of a rocky barren waste unrolled revealing my plight wherein their was no escape.

Thinking beforehand that I had it all together, until it all went away,

I drifted, searching for what might constitute my mainstay?

You spoke into my darkness, breaking through the chains,

Becoming my light at the end of a seemingly endless tunnel,
I heard You repeatedly calling my name.

How long were You willing to wait for me?

In the night of my soul, somehow I knew that You that still you remained.

Just how expansive anyway, is Your love for me?

And how just far, after all, would You run all out after me? Why would You remain so relentless in Your pursuit after me?

The dimensions of the cross; where do they begin and where do they end?

How wide, does Your heart stretch for me?

And how high is the mountaintop of Your hope for me?

Is it to the ascent of the highest peak? I had to know; I had to seek.

At what cost and to what extent did You pour out Your all for me?

The dimensions of the cross; they knew no bounds.

The only thing mattering to You, was that I be found.

You brought Heaven down, for one lost in his pain and shame, had to be found.

You laid aside Your crown, when as I was down and out, determined to drown in my sorrows and grief; to take myself out.

Here, You came to dwell among us, those consumed in our pain and shame with nothing left to gain; You came looking, pursuing after me.

You endured the suffering, all the way to the cross, despising the shame, you took the world upon Your shoulders.

Through it all, You were calling my name

There is no height, nor depth, nor concept of breadth

That exceeds the dimensions of the cross.

I ponder the fullness of Your heart for me;
the hope that never gives up, this now I see

The love that never runs out on me.

You brought me home to Your heart and now forever there I shall remain.

Believing and trusting in that Most Holy Name; that determines the dimensions of the Cross, for which I shall never be the same!

Author: Brian Molby

Living and serving from the love of Jesus Christ in the advancement of his Kingdom on Earth.

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