A Call to a Love of Extraordinary Expression

I request that you all hold me up in prayer consistently please at this time.

I fully intend to keep this blog moving forward to the extend that my physical well being allows. I have been extremely challenged this week in ways I never could have anticipated.

My illness has taken a turn for the worse unfortunately and I am believing God to see me through this. However I feel like my life is on a precipice at the moment and as the image that accompanies this post states; I do stand in trust. It is just getting a little scary and is stretching me in a way I have never been challenged. I am being asked to increase my measure of faith. I ask that you stand with me in this please if you can.

My mission and assignment which I believe God has given me is to write my entire journey out as I live it, to the very end. For me this is to be “completely transparent”. As I learn how to do this I believe that God is trying to accomplish something in the body of Christ right now that my situation has a role in to illustrate in real life. That is all I sense that I should say about it at this juncture.

I have a strong conviction and desire to follow the Word of God the best I can. For some reason, though it’s my own personal life that I share in my blog and postings, it can strike a nerve in some. This results in misunderstandings sometimes and communication breaks down. Some misunderstand my strong backbone and boldness in this walk and tenacity to remain transparent no matter what. My motivation is to truly reflect God’s heart beyond the means and manner that is normally conducted. This makes some of you uncomfortable at times I sense.

This can be perceived as being abrasive and harsh however this can be due to the mere perception on the part of others and is not my intention. I am a very loving and caring person at heart and believe in walking in the fruits of the Spirit
(Galations 5:22,23).

Although I don’t get it 100% right, and who does, my life perhaps convicts some of their own inadequacies and shortcomings. Offences can arise and hearts may wax in and out of growing cold because of perceived hurt. Then some find it easier to be evasive and isolate themselves from the person they took offence with. Instead of talking it out in love and gentleness they do the “silent treatment and carry a bitter spirit in their heart. So may we pursue loving and healing communication please? May we keep pressing on? We don’t need to see our defense emotions reacting, but rather let it be hearts that respond in loving and willing compassion. What needs to be highlighted is our continuous peace and a “never give up” spirit prevailing in spite of “come what may”.

Kingdom-mindedness keeps the mind on God’s business.

Let’s appreciate what we have while we have it. Please don’t allow the beauty to be diminished that is cloaked inside of adversity. Open your hearts to the message that may be found therein. Appreciate God’s blessing; the beautiful connection and gift that you may get to establish and have with another person while the opportunity is before you to do so; before you find yourself wishing that you had. Not everyone, and the connection that you can or may be able to experience with them, is replaceable. Sometimes precious treasure is only recognized after it is has been missed; here momentarily and fleeting as a butterfly in a meadow of floral beauty. Do you get the picture I am endeavoring to illustrate? Please listen for the message from the heart that is behind these words this morning. I simply wish to finish my course with joy and know that the hearts for it was designed accomplished it’s full measure to the finish line.

We only have today my friends. Lets make the most of that.
I am deeply thankful to be able to share with you all an extraordinary gospel through the love of Jesus Christ. My love through and out of His love is quite radical and I believe God is asking you to open your heart to the possibility that his plan is for this to become the norm and it begins with his sons and daughters and that leaves no one out. God loves all just the same all the time. This is the heart of my message. May we run the race of life well. May God bless you.

P.s: I welcome your comments especially now as they flow into the process of writing this story. If you wish to correspond with me directly you may do so at brianjm777@gmail.com. Thank you.

Author: Brian Molby

Living and serving from the love of Jesus Christ in the advancement of his Kingdom on Earth.

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