Cast upon the Waters, for Such a Time As This

As my body is afflicted in measures of pain and discomfort that exceed the threshold of any previous experience throughout this past night there have been periods of relief; yet the issues return with a fierce intensity. I have not grown any weaker and seem to leveled out in that respect so I can function around the house marginally this morning. It is rise and fall with the remainder again and again. It began just days ago and I trust so it shall end.

I am cast down repeatedly and, oh my body grows so weary, yet my soul stands strong in the grace Jesus brings me. He comes in the night when I want to give up. I can’t give up. He put me in a race. One I must finish and finish well. In the depth of my greatest point of weakness, His grace prevails.

When troubles come and troubles go, my heart burdened be;
Then, I be stilled and wait in the silence, as He sits with me.
He raises me up, so I can ascend the slopes to the mountain top;
which I shall reach. I have seen myself at the summit gazing over the land of the deep. The call to climb draws me out of my sleep.
Keep going, keep going; just one more step.

He destined and called me to walk these stormy seas. He raises me up, to walk on billows of tempest as the waves break over me.

I am strong, when I am carried on His shoulders
He raises me up to become more than I can imagine than I could ever be. This has been and is His word to me; Yes, and Amen to every word ever spoken.

The years the caterpillar ate away of my life shall be restored once again. He brought me out of my darkness and sin. Much forgiven, so with much I love. Love divine all loves excelling in me is indwelling and compels me to come to you again and again. That you may know the One, Jesus whom through it all began.

Am I delirious in my mind? Well maybe, but does it really matter? I trust someone receives these words. Someone must be in need of them. My Lord sends me and I am to go just as I am; such as I am. I will write as long as I can draw the breath to do so.

This is not about me. It is about Jesus and His church. Listen church and listen closely. He calls for a greater measure of faith to be stepped into. I am merely a messenger and He asks us to wake up. Waken out of our slumber. You have no idea what hangs in the balances right now. This is not a time to keep sitting on the fence. The fierceness and intensity of the pain I feel right now accents a fire and strength in my bones and surges into my body.
This why my affliction continues to wax and wane. Until into the fullness of the body of the One, we see one another as the Father sees the Son. I live the prayer of Jesus in John 17. There is no turning back for this one. I lay my life down. To the one who gave it all.

I turn to You, Jesus, I turn to You, Lord as I am reproved.
What else can I do, Jesus? Your rebuke is measured out in the greatest of love. The Love of loves!

For the faith to move ahead and to let go of the past!
All that holds my sails to the mast.
May “I” see me, as “You” see me.
In Your holy presence, it’s all that I can do is to give my all to be who You have called me to be; who You say that I am. This I declare. For with the heart through faith one is saved and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Then one’s walk aligns with the confession and declaration. I walk out the story of the Author and Finisher of my faith.

You alone are worthy. Alpha and Omega, First and Last
The Father of my heart, help me to keep turning to you. What else can I do?

There is a river of gladness from which Zion flows. Issued from Emmanual’s veins. Yes, “God with us” took all of our brokeness and pain and shame and bore it all for you and I. God for us; who can be against us?
We walk in forgiveness, all of our guilt erased. Receive it! Let go of what you are not. Lay hold of who God says that you are!

Undone by the mercy of Jesus and by His goodness.
This is the glory of His Presence!
In His glory restored and made whole again.

He holds me, He has me.
I’ve got Jesus and so how could I want more?

His goodness! Encompasses all; there is no more than that of Eternal Value to hold to.

Tested and and tried, I’ve tasted of Your grace, Jesus

I’m undone, I’m undone; in His Presence I’m undone. I’m overwhelmed; yes and very much so.

A race awaits to be run until the last song is sung. Grasp the for the next rung and know you have begun. May you fare well my friends!

Author: Brian Molby

Living and serving from the love of Jesus Christ in the advancement of his Kingdom on Earth.

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