When Faith gets Real as Real Gets

Dear readers, there are circumstances in my life at this moment that I cannot find explanation for. I have some medical issues on my plate now that are very overwhelming. I have lost what appears to be about 50% of the of the strength and capaciity of my arms, legs and hands and cognitive is apparently impaired as well. I been through less severe episodes previously over the last several years. Before and now; a medical mystery; doctors have no answers and some even hint at it being all in my head. Maybe I have impairment in the brain that doesn’t fit medical text books.

I don’t want to lose touch with you all. It is challenging for me to type this. For those of you who believe God for who He says He is, I ask you to pray for God’s intervention and healing touch. He gave me a vision and dream that I still believe Him for. Just may have to have to walk it out differently. Before February 2016 I did not have my faith. I do now and it is unwavering. It does not matter what I feel or see; I rest and trust in Jesus wholly and completely and His promises to me. He gave an assignment in this life and I will still walk it out even if some things have to change in the “how to”. I will see about going to video so I can continue to connect easier with those that may be willing to continue follow me. The use of my hands makes writing challenging right now. So my frequency in doing is unsure at this time. I got help to get this out. Will stay in touch. I may need some hands and feet and minds to assist. This is what I write about for months that brothers and sisters in Christ, that we be one. That we serve one another fully as needed. Well your support would appreciated. Just ask God what He would have you do if you feel so inclined. If you find value in what I share. I hope you will at least pray with me that God’s will be carried out. This be all I can say now. I will continue as able with God’s guidance. I don’t what to do with all this but I will not give up. I do not quit. I have a race to run and plan to finish well in at least God’s eyes. Even though people sometimes don’t understand His ways. I am to share my entire journey with the world because my assignment from God remains. He does not change. So I continue. God bless.

Author: Brian Molby

Living and serving from the love of Jesus Christ in the advancement of his Kingdom on Earth.

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