In the Light of God’s Presence

Darkness cannot stand in the Light of the Presence of God. Jesus literally makes the darkness tremble. I can personally bear witness to this right now. Our minds don’t want to believe this sometimes, however, thoughts can be overshadowed and overwritten.

I am surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses as to what is taking place in my body in regards to the healing I have already received by faith in Jesus who has anchored this in His finished work on the cross. In particular most recently, within the local ecclesia that I am partnered with, I can attest that a significant witness surrounds me in this testimony. Not a single one of us is​ meant to feel like we are standing alone. You are not alone. I do not wish to see any of you being isolated. Jesus left the “99′ to go after the “one”. There is no exception to this here and now.

“And we have the prophetic word more fully confirmed, to which you will do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts,” (1 Peter 1:19) Every promise from God​ is yes and to every promise “Amen”. The dawning brightness “is” transcending the darkness.

Here, there are are some of you that may be presently experiencing what “I sense to be an unprecedented moving of God’s Spirit”. That may be experienced​ as the most critical areas or issues in our lives seemingly​ getting intense and under attack from multiple fronts. This may be quite far from rose-colored vision and certainly​ not an easy, soft warm blanket experience that you might expect. The heat is up! Our first response might be to get out of the kitchen if we can’t take the heat. Let’s talk about that kitchen today.

The dinner table is a lost art in America. Let us look for a moment at what that experience​ truly reflected and thus represented.

I can remember fifty years ago, growing up in an era when my family life was centered around the​ dinner meal at the kitchen table. My mother worked in the kitchen for many long hours, many times preparing meals, of which I helped with, wherein the atmosphere for the meal was prepared in love and conversation that formed and help shape my life through the preparation and enjoyment of good​ food that fully satisfied the soul-centered experience around those meals at the table.

Then I might add in here the shopping trips that she invested in to select and gather the ingredients for those meals. What is that? That is called process. Do you know what God is doing most with me right now? It is the painstaking adventure of learning to be patient with the process. The gathering and investment of the ingredients. The profit in life comes through the process. Excellence comes out of worthy investment into character. No instant potatoes anymore​. I have to wait and my mind tries to tell me that it is simply being baited for enticement towards that “carrot” that I shall never get to fully enjoy. Such impatience and impetus reactions my friends ​signifies​ a mindset embedded in cleverly hidden lies. I have been conditioned through life to want what I want and to demand to see it show up right now. My parents, while I​ was growing up, invested in the process and worked painstakingly​ hard to stay ahead and they always were moving and seldom sedentary. They were not perfect and had their “issues” as well however they were often pouring into and blessing others because they put the needs of others ahead of their own. I, fortunately,​ retained some of that “while” being conditioned by this present world.

I most recently re-discovered what it is to live once again in the innocence, simplicity, ​and trust of a child resting in my heavenly​ “Father’s arms and loving embrace. He has me. Yet my mind doesn’t always “get” that and resists and wants to cling to old comfort zones that feel “easy”.

The real problem in America today is that we only think on our own terms. Few want to consider much beyond this. Within that, ​we can get stuck in our own imagination and limit ourselves thereby. God wants us to do “more than we can imagine”.
The atmosphere​ of the miraculous is actually cultivated by our hunger for God to bring us into true life-changing​ transformation. That is what this blog is about. Is this not what we have been exploring?

How about saying “God, Your way is better than my way. I believe that as high as the heavens are above the earth, so are Your ways higher than my ways. Your thoughts are higher than my thoughts. Even if I don’t get to attain what is put in front of me, I will yield to You.”

What do you feel needs to show up in your experience​ to satisfy your sense of well being? Ponder that if you will. Do you insist on certain “itches” in your emotional response field to be ticked? More of the same bringing you no gain? Or maybe what you truly desire deep down within is having a fire of passion ignited for desires that reflect an essence of something far greater than your life reflects at this moment. What would inspire you to reach for something​ more? What does a better version of you afford to offer if you would say “YES” to your “all and nothing less” offered up to God?

Is God showing you what to do and/or where to be at a given time? Are there relationships that He has put or allowed in your life to cultivate a process that you perhaps need to experience to move into a better version of you​? Are you willing to hold your ground and just keep “showing up”, no matter what? Because as you do, God’s Presence is about to meet you in a fullness you have never to this day, seen the likes of. I believe Him for this and for you to enter into this with me.

Can you show up “more hungry” for His presence than you have ever been? It’s not about putting on a show because God knows our hearts. There is nothing to work up or usher in. You already have all of Jesus in you. Are you fully “in Him? Just receive what He has already given you. He has already instilled in​ you the ingredients to kindle that desire for Him. Just be real “with Him” and not “seeking what He can do for you”.

If your belief level is challenged, then tell Him so and ask Him to help you keep moving even amidst your unbelief and “be willing to believe”. No matter what!
Will you just believe God? Can you be willing to be reconstructed “in the Father’s hands”?​ Is your life “moldable” clay that you are willing to surrender to be reshaped?

I know my God is in control and His purpose is unshakable.
It doesn’t matter what I feel or what I see;
My faith, hope, ​and trust will always be in His promises to me.
I’m casting out all fear, for His love has set me free, and my hope will always be in His promises to me.

As I walk through this day; I say “Amen” to every promise He has given me.
I will not forget what He has done, for He has already supplied my every need whether I can see or not.

Will you join me in a resolve​ to approach God​ and say “I repent of my perceived limitations and I​ want what You say belongs​ to me;​ I want that more than anything else!” When you are that hungry​ for His Presence moving in your very being, then you will receive.

He will do this for you and I if we will believe and trust Him.

Author: Brian Molby

Living and serving from the love of Jesus Christ in the advancement of his Kingdom on Earth.

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