Being Open Faced

​​What is to have a “truly opened heart”? Are you and I willing to risk being totally vulnerable and not be afraid to totally be​ who we are now with one another? Does that bring apprehension into the presence of your being?

I have been in a loving encounter with​ Jesus that is ongoing​ and crescendoing​. I find it challenging to share this with you from a fullness​ in which I experience it. It is a learning curve for me to bring this into words that I can speak and write on this page. I have beheld Him face to face, multiple times. I ask; “do I ever leave that gaze?” Sure it gets interrupted, however, ​I always keep returning to this place of blessed communion. You can take this any way​ you wish or are able to. I’m sharing open-faced from the heart. With me, ​this is as real as it gets. This life being walked out in a way I have never been or gone. It is brand new. The point and direction of my writing here is that the Body of Christ become “One New Man”. What does that mean? This is what this blog is moving into. How is God moving in our midst in the days ahead​?​ It is perhaps not in the way we have thought. Let us embrace​ in newness the mind of Christ, which is in essence what we are created to live and move and have our being in.

Let me illustrate for example from real life. I’m telling you a story. Just play along as the one with me on a journey; okay? Suppose you and I initially met about 20 years ago. We have had our share of successes​ and failures surface in our lives. I know I made​ some real mistakes that come out of poor choices. I messed​ up big time about 15 years ago which led me away from God. I was in the wilderness for 15 years. Meanwhile, ​you went on to develop and nurture and cultivate a career and ministry. At the beginning of 2017, after my world and health had totally collapsed, I found my way back to God after I came to the end of my road and rope. God received me back with an ​open embrace as the prodigal that I was. Just as I was, He began to show me who I am in Him in now.

You were the first person in my life to come to my remembrance​ and I looked at your track record which appears to be one of considerable impeccability​ and it appears you have walked in purity before God. You have always been an excellent​ reflection of the character and nature of Jesus to me. You set an example for me and mirrored unto me what I needed to see in myself. This gave me initiative and confidence to approach and enter the business world as a representative of the Kingdom of God. I am not putting you on a pedestal but what I am doing is commending you for the degree of excellence​ I see in your character.

I know you have your flaws as do I; as we are both human. It has been 15 years since we walked with each other face to face. When we met, I sense we knew what it​ was to walk as brother and sister and you were the best sister in Christ I could have ever asked for. I valued highly every moment we shared together. From there to the present; what we consider to know in our minds of each other can so easily be influenced by the way we remember each other; pleasant and unpleasant. Then what we read of each other’s presence​ online; how much does that alone reveal to each other who we are today?

Yes, you have perused my Facebook page history and something led you to that incident​. This was before I had totally allowed the process of Jesus cleaning up my life to be fully implemented. Yes, you may have seen some remnants and that is what they were; remnants from my past that I was not aware had not been fully attended to. I am so grateful that they were brought to my attention and immediately I addressed them. Thank for having a role in that process. I pray, hope and trust that we can fully embrace who we are now without allowing what we may remember of one another’s past to bring judgemental thinking into how we regard one another now. May we put our past to rest and embrace the present.

Are we apprehensive about coming back together face to face; in the grace of God​ to be open who we are now in Christ? I am reuniting with a number of people in recent days that were in my life when you were and there is always reconciliation that we must make with our preconceptions of the past in order to see with an ​open face who we have become and are becoming. Can we just meet and embrace who we are now and explore and rediscover who we are at present? Life is always all about relationship. That is the way God wired us. You and I have a relationship that I sense is calling us to see with new eyes. Let’s not try and define it from our mind’s eye. I like to be direct and personal with people and have them be the same with me. I sense in most cases the same is true with you at least in some capacity.

So what I am asking is “can we sit down together in the Presence our Lord and Saviour and enjoy a cup of coffee? We can start anew and embrace what is relevant and important and let the rest be gone​ that we release as such. Where do we wish to go from here? May we value the integrity of our relationship with one another.

It is not wise to keep postponing that which in our hearts may be in some cases, begging us to face and address. It is simple. Just be open faced so we can behold as much as is possible, who we are now, where we are in life; where we see ourselves advancing​ towards. As we do so we are changed into the ​same image from glory to glory. As scripture directs us to. The more we are willing to continually take steps in the approach or re-approach toward one another, then the more in the likeness of Jesus we become. So how about​ that coffee date or however we choose to come together? No more procrastination? I love you totally beyond measure and there are no conditions whatsoever​ attached to this love. So if where there is apprehension present and you find yourself tabling this, please know I am praying that you may be able to embrace being open faced with everyone and everything in life. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always​ in everything​ and in every moment. I see us face to face soon. Until then, run the race well, remembering that one receives the prize; the one who finishes. You are loved more than you may know.

There is my story of illustration to you today. It is addressed​ mainly to one near and dear to my heart in real life and I trust as an illustration it has helped you to gain a picture of what it is to be “open-faced”. I am a storyteller. That is one of my expressions. I am about to make my debut as an author. I see a best seller coming. So I am told. I screen write for motion pictures as well. My passion is to invest in others to the end that they know the richness in Christ. My theater; the marketplace of business in media and entertainment. This story is part of my launch therein. This is to unfold through an enterprise that is under construction. My plate is quite full with that and part of walking out the story that God wrote for me is to invite you along through the entire process. So consider yourself invited. I see you as V.I.P.’s becoming. I believe in you. May you embrace your most holy faith!

“But when one turns to the Lord, the veil is removed. Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.” (@ Corinthians 3:16-18)

May God bless each and every one of you my wonderful readers! I thank God for each and every one of you and it is my prayer that your lives be truly touched in every way and that you each come into the fulness of truly knowing Jesus for who and all He truly is. I’ll be back soon with more. Have a blessed day my friends!

Author: Brian Molby

Living and serving from the love of Jesus Christ in the advancement of his Kingdom on Earth.

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