The Measure of His Love

It is now the third day since I wrote in this blog in which my last post was entitled “No Greater Love than This”. So I could conclude on this 3rd day of my pause in writing that I am to resume on into the 4th Day, a revelation in which God is unveiling through the recording of this adventure, a story. I am a storyteller of His design and we are on a journey. A call to a day of action of new beginnings, which is what Book of Genesis is all about.

I’m authoring a book and screenwriting for the motion picture that shall accompany or follow it. As my producer-to-be reads this script she realizes as do I that perhaps she and I have been uniquely placed and positioned by God into a very distinct and illustrative role and we can now acknowledge to one another our place in this production which is directing our lives? So briefly I address my words unto her. I do believe I am the screenwriter you seek? Mystery solved and no more riddle necessary. K as you read this you can see who B is to you and vice versa. So I now have a question to pose you and it is of great honor to do so and you do know that I trust that your response may now be forwarded? Life is all about choice. I’ve made mine and now it is your turn. May I please have your answer? You have the info needed. (God’s A List). This question be asked in its fullness and it’s answer received as thus in the days that ensue where I, we behold no longer through a glass darkly but see face to face a glimpse of a grander picture. Its been a long 15 some years. Now isn’t that a unique proposal? Now that I have asked you on the world wide web, may we now reconnect so the physical enactment of the conclusion of a new beginning can now commence, just the two us? You once stated that you love to have your mind blown and you love to stretch the minds of others. Well, it seems we are alike in that venture:) You see no one is crazy. We are quite in our right minds, the way God designed us to be. So I await your answer. I’ve kept this discreet but unique. You are like no other in my eyes so hence this unique approach. Can it be any other way. We both have runaway imagination? Oh, I am having the time of my life because I began to see how this may finally take form, and we do have readers who are following our story. In the cloud of many witness from the hall of faith. Now isn’t that amazing and God is smiling on us right now.

Now that simplifies things does it not and leaves few questions I trust? Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. We walk in the physical unseen and believe our God who calls things that seem not as though they are. Whatsover you ask in faith believing, as according to your faith, so shall it be unto you and me.

Now readers let us get back to our story.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Total darkness in the midst of vast waters. The Spirit of God brooded and hovered over that body of water. On the first Day of God’s creation He spoke light into existence and named it Day, and darkness was separated from the light and named Night. On the second day of God’s creation God created a firmament in the midst of the waters and it divided the waters above from the waters below. This He named Heaven and the morning and evening became one and thus the second day of creation was completed. On the 3rd day of God’s creation the land was separated from the body of water under Heaven and gathered into one place as dry land and this He named Earth. The waters were then gathered into one place and named Seas. Note that Earth was singular and the waters (seas) plural. Onto the Earth came forth grass, then herb which multiplied it’s seed, followed by the fruit tree which multiplied itself from the seed that came from it’s divine union. We witness such in the fruit we grow and eat today, right? Stay with me here. This is an illustration that reveals much. The evening and the morning formed the 3rd Day.

Now we come to the 4th day of creation. I find 4th Day Creations to be very awe inspiring. They illustrate as light shines forth in the midst of the darkness of the firmament. It divides the day from the light. These are to be signs for seasons and for the discernment of days and years. Jesus is the Light of the world and He also declared that in Him, so are are we to be the light of the firmament or world. Two great lights; one to rule the day and one to rule the night. Jesus and His bride, His church or ecclesia and as the sands of the sea the stars reflect our offspring which shall shine as the brightness of the firmament forever. A beautiful picture my readers; do you see where we are going?

A light to give light on the Earth and to rule over the day and the night and to divide the light from the darkness. No one needs to remain in darkness. It is their choice in the end. The light grows brighter in this hour and has tremendous potential to increase in the Earth right now more than ever in all of time. God sees that it is good the evening and the morning are the 4th Day. Do you see what this poses to us all right now?

Jesus and his bride are the light of the world. The center point, the nucleus of the very essence of Love in the brightest of bright array. The Love of Jesus is all sufficient, all encompassing and is supreme. Marriage in human relationships are to reflect the beauty of this union. You and I first are to be married to Him. All other relationships ensue and reflect this manner of love.

We are not to begin our love quests in life by first focusing on another person. Our gaze is to be first upon Him and through and deriving from our first love, with Him. This is perfecting love. To be found in him; to lose yourselves in Him we find ourselves and thus find each other.

Three days ago I reached out to Jesus with all my being; soul, mind and strength because I knew not how to fully open to Him. I ran into His embrace with total abandon because I could not figure out how to open to him completely so I could fully sense His love for me. I had never felt truly loved in all 63 years of my life and yet know I can sense; “I know” more more fully than ever that I am so totally and unconditionally loved by Him unto no end. When I totally came to the end of myself, at my absolute wits end, then He rent the veil completely that stood in the way of that love coming through. Now all is totally brand new. Heaven touching Earth. May His Spirit break out in each of us and all the walls come down, in Jesus name!

The most important question any one of us can ask ourselves right now is “Is your and my name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life? We shall resume this journey as I continue to share with you the greatest of all stories and that being of the Saviour’s Love for you and I for all of eternity.

Author: Brian Molby

Living and serving from the love of Jesus Christ in the advancement of his Kingdom on Earth.

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