Foundations that Remain and Truly Serve

Today I am going to attempt to begin to address foundations that are anchored in faith, forged in consecration, pursued with dedication and committed unto transformation. These are then purposed into steps of presentation into real life where the rubber meets the road as it were; in relationships. I am in the process of cultivating relational excellence in my life. This is just part of the process of a much grander picture. So let us begin.

It may initially appear that I am going out on a limb as it were with some of what I must state for a record. I am in the midst of an encounter with God that exceeds what my mind can grasp, so this this morning as one who meets with Jesus face to face and encounters His love beyond measure; I commence to share that which He asks me to.

I began this day which can be humanly expressed as one where the only action one can take in an encounter such as mine, which is to lay their entire being at his feet. It was then to be enabled to take up life again; that life fully “in Him” resume “the walk”. However this is in a very polar opposite of what I was conditioned to believe what “walking out” life meant. When one rises up from laying prostate in his presence which felt as though it was eternity which would never end and it does never end most certainly, because the only I step I can take now is to allow my humanity to melt into His Presence and somehow continue to be. There has been a death of what previously stood in my way. That which was the basis of compromise which I could no longer allow to be part of who I am. There shall be more that must taste death; so that life may spring forth. That process shall never end until Jesus returns.

Before this morning I truly had no concept of what true faith actually consists of and therefore calls me to.

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.
(Hebrews 11:1)

What does this actually mean to me now? I have carried a hope and vision that in my mind had me shaking in my boots. I have been given immense vision by God and my dreams and my conscious day time visions are as vivid as the life I walk and I am called to make the two as one. May I put it poetically; I’ve established covenant in the heavenlies to anchor every phase and aspect of what I have seen and been shown into earthly practical steps and to bring the two into a physical marriage as it were. I am not speaking hypothetically but literally. Whatsoever we bind on earth has already been bound in heaven. What we loose on earth has already been loosed in heaven. So I move into new lands this morning to reclaim what has been stolen. I do so boldly and tenaciously now but yet the human part of me carries apprehension. I’m not giving place to fear, just acknowledging what comes natural in the process.

Please stay with me here and listen to what I have been directed to lay out this morning. I’ve pondered this for some time considering if I would I be deemed crazy for stating by faith that which may seem to be preposterous by declaring it as so and living as though it is already a living,breathing and fully-in-place reality.

My God calls things that are not as though they were so as I am in His likeness, how can I do any less? Just because my physical eyes do not bear witness to what all the rest of my being is vehemently claiming that is right before me, and though no person is speaking the words to affirm what my soul knows so well as being so, yet I cannot escape the fact the the vision and dream is coming to life.

It is birthing and breathing the breath of God into dry bones that had pretty much given up in my walk of life until the fire of the Presence of God touched my soul. I met my Jesus face to face and I am still alive in this body to write from my experience and how; oh how indeed am I even doing so? His presence has literally consumed who I was and now He asks me to carry His Presence in a new way into the world I walk in. Just how? Well no more questioning, I simply must and I do not care about anyone else’s opinion on the matter. I know what “He wants and asks” and I am prepared to step into it fully no matter how crazy it may sound to my own mind. Yes, my mind says it is impossible; you just don’t do things this way. But yes, I do, from this moment forward do so, in a new way. With God all things are possible to those who believe.

Let me just state that no one, and I mean no one, carries the depth and level of love for you and I that Jesus does. I stand in utter humility before Him and I can longer see myself but all I can see is Him and all I can sense is Him and the hearts of the ones he has brought into my life with whom I must be “one with” as Jesus is “with” me.

What I ask and and pray is that you may see that we are all truly one and I mean that literally. (Read John 17) It no longer matters what I feel and see physically because that is merely a fraction of the picture. It is a very limited perception. Please do not let that alarm you. I must simply love you as Jesus loves me. I can only demonstrate that with the life I walk out so be prepared to be immersed in love because it is a tide of torrential flow I can longer hold back; not now. Relax, I shall be gentle though fierce as a lion with determination. This is the river of His love. I embody “Zion’s River” and it is not a limited to a place or a building but it is a way of life. That is why I am here right now and it just so happens that I do associate with a physical place by the same name. Imagine that? To some of you who walk and serve with me in physical life this may convey to you a distinct message. Well, all I can ask is that you and I listen to the Spirit of God and follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

Do you carry an offence in your heart right now with anyone else in your life far or near? Then please release it now. We do not have time to hold on such. It is not worth whatever you think it it is. This applies to circumstances that surround you; not judging them, and please cease from judging your fellow brother or sister. So you perceive they hurt or wounded you? We are human and we falter. We say things we can never take back, but we can seek forgiveness from each other and have our hearts be healed and restored. How can we justify continuing to hurt and wound one another by remaining in an offence? Let alone how it hurts the heart of Jesus that perhaps you are witholding from surrendering this to him. He won’t force you but He waits for you; right now. Why continue to resist? It is not worth hanging on to.

I am addressing someone specifically here. You likely read this blog at times. This offence is between you and another and so I have pleaded in intercession for you two continually and the others it impacts and now I implore you to let go of this offence please. Don’t continue to hold on to it. The pain shows in your face. It hurts my heart. I am moved to say what I must. I observe you continually. I see the resistance you put up and so does Jesus. Nothing is worth hanging on tenaciously to such an extent. I have not named names and shall never do so but I shall reflect the love of our Saviour as He asks me to. There are many interceding for you I sense that somewhere inside you know what you need to do. Please don’t tarry.

I have been asked to take a side trail here today obviously and I shall resume where I left off at with laying out the nature of the true “why” of this blog and “where” it is perhaps taking us. In the next writing may we explore the foundation of love in faithful action that leads unto transformation. This leads us to where we can discover how to remain in the Presence of God as we walk out the story he has written for each of us to walk out. It is an “all in the moment” journey is it not?

Author: Brian Molby

Living and serving from the love of Jesus Christ in the advancement of his Kingdom on Earth.

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