Seeds For Faith-filled Foundational Transformation

I want to welcome you to Faith-Filled Foundational Transformation! I’m Brian Molby and have been writing a daily blog since the first of this year which is a chronological journey of a personal journey with God that I have embarked upon.
Do you desire to discover your best and unlock your destiny in 2018?
Are you seeking to be a more refined version of who God created you to be? Do you believe you are destined for more than your current experience? Then you may want to journey with me here. I am on a personal adventure with God and would like to invite you to join me if you wish. I started this group after I noticed that my daily blog posts from the start of this year are following a sequential pattern which seems to be facilitating true transformation.
I am in the process of adding be adding all of these one by one over the next day or two and the series will be laid out so that they may accessed by those who have joined the group. This may be helpful with your personal journey with God which is my purpose for creating this group. I am preparing to publish a book by the same title and in addition there are more facets to this being developed. This can transform a city and surrounding region. So if you find this interesting then please go have a look and keep checking back regularily as material is being expanded daily.

Author: Brian Molby

Living and serving from the love of Jesus Christ in the advancement of his Kingdom on Earth.

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