Behold He Comes

Lift up your heads O you mighty gates!

Be lifted up, you everlasting doors.

The King of Glory beckons to come in.

And who is this great and mighty King you ask?

Why He is the King of glory!

I awoke this morning out of the deepest of slumber

And why is this you ask, as you behold and wonder?

Because for two days I can do nothing but praise that Name!

What name, you ask? Why the Name above all Names!

His name is Jesus; you know; the One who came.

Immanual, God with us, and always for us.

Why surely you must know Him too?

I can’t close my eyes to sleep or rest for more than an hour or two.

Then He calls unto me and oh my Heart He does woo.

I arise out of my slumber;

Ah yes, don’t you see Him too?

Why how can you miss Him?

In his majestic Presence the night comes ablaze as I gaze out my window and the hedges are ablaze with a sparkly mist that nestles within the leaves.

Twinkle, twinkle little star, there are just so many of you hiding in there; in that hedge, whoever you are.

Come out, come out from wherever you are.

How is it I can see all of you dancing in the midst of the scene?

How can you all even begin to hide, for I see you?

You all shine and sparkle because He is here and behold He comes!

Look up look up yonder, for he is about to split the eastern sky.

Oh, all you son and daughters, come unto the waters, come unto to the waters.

Oh don’t you hear it, oh don’t you hear it?

The sound of many waters, the sound of many waters?

Rising in crescendo, rising in crescendo.

Descending from the shadows, descending from the shadows.

All arise ascending, oh a dance is just beginning,

As I behold, the night of my soul is ending.

Because my King is coming and the night into day is blending

Coming on the clouds, coming on the clouds

Every problem in my life to Him must bow.

Every sickness falls from my being as the dew of the night drips from my brow.

As great drops of milk and honey slowly cascade their way unto the ground,

I stand in pools of the most refreshing sweetest fragrance ever,

Rising from the ground, rising from the ground.

Spring up oh well in me, spring up oh well to free,

All that rises up in me, a rising swell to forever be.

Encompasses all that every eye can see

A River of love flows and sweeps through me

Ever so mighty, ever so free

A balmy presence now envelopes me

As I float upon a beckoning sea.

Shining from glory to glory, for you and me

The Lily of the valley, is here you see

Resting in His bosom are you and me,

Resting from our labours and mighty endeavors

Are now we are free, yes we are free indeed.

The King has come, why don’t you see

That He came and gave His All for you and me.

So that all of this you and I of can be truly free

Ever so truly, forever set free, yes you and I as one can be.

That is the way it was destined to be!

He gave His all for you and me.

Forever free, for all of eternity

I can only but sing of His love forever

Overshadows my every endeavor.

Just now beginning, I shall sing of His love forever

How can it be, how can it be that one so sweet, gave His all for me?

His precious Being was poured out for me

That is why every eye shall see, that the King of glory comes for you and me.

How can they not, for He is here for all of eternity.

So now I can only but sing, of the one who gave his all for me.

The crescendo rises with many voices proclaiming

Joy to the world our Lord has come!

Let earth receive her King!

The glories of His righteousness

To Him, my all I bring.

Laying it all at His feet, my very best I bring

To the one I love, the matchless of ten thousand

He is the One, to whom I must cling.

All is well my soul, as to Him my soul does sing!

Forever more to Him, shall my praises ring.

Author: Brian Molby

Living and serving from the love of Jesus Christ in the advancement of his Kingdom on Earth.

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